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Suzie Hiscox 08.10.2018 00:52

Hi Debbie!
Yes it is acrylic on canvas! It is a combination of my imagination and yes, looking west from near Calgary! I'm so sorry but it is sold.

Debbie Barron 02.10.2018 02:09

I love this painting. Is it an acrilic on canvas? Is,this looking towards Cochrane? What is the size and price? Thank you. I love much of your art.

Suzie 08.10.2018 00:54

Please email for any other info....not enough room to write here!

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10.07 | 20:30

Hi Sue,

Just want to compliment your paintings and to say I enjoy your style immensely.

Nicely done Sue!

Ben Eby

06.02 | 03:36

Great! Thankyou! Hope you enjoy him!❤️

28.12 | 23:10

Hi Susie I bought your owl from BrAgg Creek



28.10 | 05:22

Hi Dave
I had to look up Orin’s Ravens😂
You can message me at 4039754600 or phone me to discuss!
Thanks, Suzie